Monday, September 29, 2008

Victoria & Albert: Royal style-collecting

When lacking in inspiration, go back to the royal collection. The V&A Museum website is treasure-filled and makes your head spin with the amount of visual info tucked away in their cyber-cupboards. I suggest going straight to the sitemap and going from there, if you can't think of the right keyword to use to search their (extensive) online gallery. Plus there are fun things to do like design your own Renaissance room, or create an art noveau-style tile, or even dress your own Kylie paper doll. Chinoiserie beauties I scored...

Close up of the chinois mirror angel-topper

Some textiles I designed at a booth when I was actually at the V&A Museum on 15/10/07, and emailed to self.


iwwh said...

hi, this looking nice, good blog

Sandra Eterovic said...

Dear H for Happy,
I am a huge fan of the V & A too, I think I'd like to live there, maybe hidden in one of those rooms full of plaster casts of ancient ruins. I didn't realise that you could design your own textiles there! They look gorgeous.
Ciao Bella -- at least I catch up with you in cyberspace!!!

hopeful~ for happy said...

Thanks, iwwh!

Sandy - Yes, I had thoughts of getting locked in and prancing around in the middle of the night beneath the beautiful Chihuly in the foyer.