Friday, September 19, 2008

Catherine Martin

Its about time someone has challenged the Florence Broadhurst stronghold on Australian interiors. Why didn't someone tell Catherine Martin earlier she'd be perfect for the job? Set/production/costume/art designer (someone obviously didn't tell her it isn't humanly possible to do everything either) for Moulin Rouge, Romeo&Juliet, Strictly Ballroom and the upcoming Australia. The stories didn't have that much of a hold on me (sorry, Baz) but the sets were riveting and lingers on your mind. There are features of her and her amazing home in this month's Australian Vogue Living and Home Beautiful. Look out for her stunning black "Lace" wallpapered entryway - it's a religious experience.
Her designs made by Designer Rugs. "Pheasant" and "Acacia"



Catherine Martin at home, with Nicole Kidman's costume in the background. First image below is from Home Beautiful, following images from Vogue Living.

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Sandra Eterovic said...

Dear H for Happy,

I agree. I think she's a brilliant woman, one of the finest Australians ever, and should be given free reign with anything she decides to do. And I hear that she shops at Seed in Woollahra regularly, which I will take as a personal compliment.
So H for Happy, when will you post pictures of your interiors? Huh??