Friday, September 12, 2008

A little Paris Breakfasts everyday, merci

Several weeks ago I came across Paris Breakfasts and it changed my world into a better place. Something about the wonderful photos and a distinct view of Paris by this watercolour artist makes me bubble with pleasure everytime I visit.
Reasons why I love PB:
  1. Her (slightly unhealthy) obsession with miniatures.
  2. Her obsession with Macarons and Laduree boxes.
  3. Her (probably unhealthy) obsession with sweets, cakes and baked goods in general.
  4. Her artist's eye photographs of shopfronts and window displays.
  5. Her persistence to NOT follow the rules and snap a good interior photo of any snobby cafe she damn well pleases.

I found PB whilst doing research for last year's Tony Duquette windows at BergdorfGoodman. She has numerous beautiful close up views.

FP for h~fh

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