Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Must we burn Babar?

Interesting (but long: 4 pages of expounding) article on the meaning and artistry of classic children's character Babar, and suggestions Jean de Brunhoff''s creation was all just a bit of imperialistic propaganda. The article found in The New Yorker, written by Adam Gopnik, Freeing the Elephants: What Babar brought.
Jean de Brunhoff’s dummy for the cover of “Histoire de Babar,” the first book in the series, published in France in 1931. Courtesy the Morgan Library and Museum
My favourite page: “Babar says to her, ‘Thank you, Ma’am.’ Without wasting any time, he goes into a big store. It is such fun to ride up and down in an elevator.”“Babar leaves the forest and comes to a town. He is amazed because this is the first time he has seen so many houses.”
All © Librairie Hachette 1939/Hachette Livre 2006


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