Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Louise Bourgeois

Artist Louise Bourgeois died May 31, 2010

I was lucky enough to catch a showing of her 'greatest hits' at the Tate Modern three years ago in London where her most well known works
- symbol-heavy fused sexual organs sculptures and soft-sculpture of human forms -
as well as her larger scale 'Cells'
- mostly cage-like constructions of environments which represent her childhood -
and a few of her earlier drawings were on display.

The Tate Modern is also permanent home to her famous spider sculpture 'Maman' at the entrance.

Besides her obvious monumental influence on contemporary art-making, the thing I admire most of her life is how she journeyed the long distance; Louise Bourgeois only gained fame for her work in her 70s and worked prolifically right up to her death.

Read a brief but informative summary of her life by the Guardian here. Read about the inspiration of her work in this New York Times article here, and see her most well known works in the slideshow.

I came across these photos of the studio of printmaker Judith Solodkin who worked closely with Louise Bourgeois, amongst other illustrious artists. These are her some of her later print works in progress.

The above trio of works are embroidered and sewn works from 'Ode A L'Oubil'.

Photos from the New York Social Diary

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