Saturday, July 31, 2010

In The Navy (Suite)

I'm awaiting the arrival of 2 sofas, a wing back chair, ottomans and a small hill of cushions I've ordered in yummy coordinated Warwick fabrics; a bold combination of navy blue geometric patterned and floral. Bold because I'm usually the safe cream dream girl.

Am considering the decor to revolve around them.
A flirtation with dark blue walls leaves me thinking the sofas might disappear into them, but an accent colour like the lime green below might make all the difference. The black and white stripe adds a French je ne sais quoi, non?

Blue pattern on pattern. Like. Like very much.

Okay these might be grey walls and not blue, but the patterned sofa truly stands out especially when paired with white accents. The tasteful artwork is always a necessity, but the dead stuffed owl just lifts the whole scheme, doesn't it?

Blue gloss lion heads certainly suggest "I'm an exciting individual with good taste".

All photos from White & Wander blog, except for pattern on pattern photo from ChiChi & Luxe blog