Sunday, July 11, 2010

Discover Your Inner Radha

In an Asia Society interview with author Amitav Ghosh, he urges us all to "discover our inner-Radha". He probably meant something more ephemeral, but I choose to seek out my inner Radha in the form of Ruth St. Denis.
Watch the full video of the interview here, but be warned, it's long!

A ground-breaking choreographer, dancer, founding mother of a significant genre of dance, and generally gutsy woman (don't we love those?), she had a penchant for Asian cultures and took inspiration for her dance pieces from the religious stories and folk tales of the region with a distinct affinity for goddesses.
She also translated traditional Asian dress with gusto and blinged it up (totally in love with those stunning headpieces!) for the stage.
These photos, like the especially captivating one above, are of her in costume for the piece entitled 'Radha'.

Read a concise write-up about St Denis here

Above, in costume for The Nautch Girl.

Above, in Gift of Eternal Life.
All photos, from the brilliant New York Public Library catalogue, can be purchased online.

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