Sunday, August 23, 2009

Art Shopping, Paid For In Kind

More works by artist Simryn Gill I am considering buying, though it's all a pipe dream with the reality that is my severely wilted bank balance. I wonder if Breenspace gallery will accept Good Intentions as payment? 
These are from My Own Private Angkor series...

Or maybe from her Power Station series. (They come in pairs)

All works belong to the artist, images via from Breenspace

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Saw I Smiled

To make a crappy day brighter 
I didn't know what to blog about, 
so here are some random images that made me smile.
If you've been following my blog you know I love all things Catherine Martin. These are the 4 covers of the Collector's Edition Vogue Living Australia she edited several months ago. The issue was simply lovely cover to cover, and between cover to cover. 
Pretty anyone-can-do. Image via ish&chi, though I think the original image may be from Decor8. 
Black&Spiro interior that takes a weird alcove and makes it better. I found the image on VT Interiors Library
I like porcelain. And heads with things sprouting from 'em. "Behind Quiet Veils of The Blue Willow" 2001 by Red Weldon Sandlin. Picture: Newark Museum via NYTimes