Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Playing Masak-Masak

My favourite playtime activity when I was little was masak-masak; Make-believe cooking which served to feed me and a highly elite selection of my besties (animal soft toys). Unlike the Western play-tradition of teddy bear picnics where tea is served, masak-masak tends to lean toward the play-preparation of elaborate full-meal banquets. 
Being a toddler of the 80s, I unfortunately mostly had cooking sets of the plastic kind. Oh, how I would've loved to have some of these instead ~
Vintage toys from the collection of Nyonya/Peranakan historian Raymond Kwok, found on nyonyafood.com. I'm guessing they're made of tin.  

Above is a gem - A mini-replica of an actual charcoal stove, on top of which a wok (or kuali) sits

Below, a modern day tin tea set found here.

Ikea does lovely sets of play utensils of the non-plastic kind, and this lovely gem of a kitchen which I've decided I have to have.

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