Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maximum Martha Moment

My very first post for this blog was about my desire and absolute need for a Martha Stewart-esque wrapping station. I now add to it the need for a linen and tablecloth room. Her impressive Skylands home has just such a necessity. Numerous drawers, cupboards, hanging closets and even whole laundry rooms are dedicated purely to the upkeep of the amazing vintage lace and linen collection. The legion of maids required to maintain it all are the final desirous element.  
These photos don't come close to describing the extent of obsession. See the first episode of the new Martha Stewart Show season.  

There are floor-to-ceiling cupboards of hanging dowels; to store pristinely laundered and pressed hand-made lace tablecloths 
You can just make out the horizontal rolls of tablecloths in the background below, kept hidden by oversized roll-top doors
These are the best photos I could find, thanks to Marthasmoments blog 

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