Friday, August 1, 2008

Everyone wants a gift wrapping station, don't they?

I'm slightly obsessed by the idea of having a gift wrapping station after seeing Martha Stewart's.
When asked what is her gift wrapping style (I never thought of gift wrapping as having a style. Maybe I should.) in a RealLiving article, interviewee Sophie Leete says:

I don't think I have a particular style, but everyone knows any gift from me will always be immaculately wrapped and everything will match in terms of colour and style. Although I have just had stickers made which say 'A gift from Sophie' and I stick these stickers on some white paper bags I bought in bulk. The card will also usually match the paper as I make my own cards and I often use the paper or at least the same colours or style. The actual wrapping itself tends not to fit in with the gift but it will for the occasion - for example when someone who is moving overseas or travelling I use an old map from the country they are going to and I often include a little compass keyring (which I get from a $2 shop) and include a tag which says "So you will always know which way is home." How clever. I can do that. Check out the full article

I'm also very much in lust for these items from The Container Store:

It's so unfair they have the best stuff in the US and don't even know it. Santa, you KNOW what I want this year...
IH for h~fh

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Ruth said...

Just what I need! I think we have to tell Santa to get 2 of each, so we can both have them! haha

Thanks for sharing!