Monday, February 6, 2012

Terra Terrific

I certainly need one of these - terrariums with a difference by The Slug And The Squirrel, available from Anthropologie, of course. Made by designer (I'd say more of an artist) Jose Agatep, who also has a charming blog.
He boldly claims he can recreate a landscape from a photograph or a sketch - "Nothing is impossible so just ask"
What about a memory?

Excerpt from the New York Times article about them~
The containers are welded together from vases, bottles and cups Agatep that finds at flea markets and then embellishes with silver. He fills them with plants from a local Philadelphia flower shop and soil and wood chips from along forest trails and train tracks. (He particularly likes taking components from the outdoors because they come with the bacteria and insects necessary to maintain the self-contained ecosystem, and sometimes they sprout mushrooms, much to his customers’ surprise.)

Article in the New York Times. All photographs copyright of JoJo via The Slug And The Squirrel

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